Shukutoku Spirit
Spirit of coexistence
"To love each other / To help each other"

Love and cooperation are keywords for the 21st century. They are also the credo of the founders of our school. We continue to embrace these principles as the ethical foundation for our school.

The 21'st century will be a time in which the limitations of race and country will be transcended and a "spirit of coexistence" will reign. This principle of "mutual interdependence" has been our working philosophy from the beginning.

  Reverend Wajima, the founder of Shukutoku Girls' School, stresses the importance of the individual's role in society. His ideal was to help each student become "A competent individual in these dynamic times." Reverend Hasegaswa, her successor, stressed the importance of "Living together" and "Helping each other."

  On a practical level, these important principles mean that we should respect all individuals and treat all people, all societies and our environment kindly. Although we are livining in a period of unprecedented world conflict, our school remains dedicated to fostering this important "spirit of coexistence." We believe this principle is both the keyword of the 21stcentury and the foundation for each individual's moral sensibility.

  We sincerely hope you will learn the principle of coexistence at our school and become part of the growing body of dedicated individuals who seek to create a better world.

"Opening your heart to others"
校祖 輪島 聞声 Rev.
Monjo Wajima
"Not for him, but with him"
学祖 長谷川 良信 Rev.
Ryoshin Hasegawa
Educational Idea
"Learning How to Give Service", ( Feel Gratitude and Coexist Peacefully )

No one can live alone. We live in a web of interdependency. We need someone else, and someone needs us. In other words, we must help each other in a spirit of gratitude and service. According to the doctrine of Mahayana Buddhism, (which is also the foundation of our school - the bodhisattva's way of living - his search for his own and for others' enlightenment - is a worthy ideal. We hope that you will learn as well as experience this important way of living at our school.

To help foster creativity and independence
"We want you to be useful to others and to society." - this is our school's goal for each individual. Our major objective is to create a learning environment that will give students -
• An education that will help them have sound judgment and independence of thought
• The creative power to understand the very essence of art, nature, and humanity.
• A sense of responsibility and reliability that has been developed through the practice of service and coexistence.
To think of life as having limitless possibilities
To be guided by the desire to help one's community through community service and volunteerism.
If you are not able to use your idealism to help society - it has no meaning. In our school, which uses Rev. Hasegawa's beliefs in social welfare and volunteerism as a model for the socially committed businessman, we emphasize practical education that is imbued with three main principles:
"Empirical" - Students grow through the trial and error method of reconciling knowledge, practice, and experience.
"Practical" - Students concentrate on learning what is useful to their daily life and their society.
"Self-realizing" - Students develop their own unique personality and character.
Educational Plan
Raising Awareness and Learning the Joys of Studying about the World.
Primary Education
The primary object of our kindergarten and primary school is to develop a kind, thoughtful person. In addition to this fundamental human quality, we cultivate the aesthetic sensibilities of students and their awareness of our global community. At our kindergarten, students learn English and computer skills through play. They also study kanji. In fact, students study English for a full six years in order to develop an international perspective.

Use San "Individualized" Approach to Help Prepare Students to Pass Entrance
Examinations for Institutions of Higher Learning.
Secondary Education
Junior high school and Senior high school are an extremely important six years in a student's personal development. We offer a well-balanced program that emphasizes the aesthetic and the practical in order to bring out the full potential of each student. During this critical time of personal and intellectual development, we adapt our program to the interests and needs of the individual. We also offer comprehensive English language learning and study abroad programs to help students become fully productive members of the global village.

Uses Formal and Informal Educational Strategies to Cultivate Well-rounded,
Productive Members of Society
Higher Education
In our graduate, undergraduate, junior college and vocational programs, our goal is to develop well-rounded individuals who are able to use their learning in real life situations that require clear thought, sound judgment, and responsible action. Our programs offer a wide selection of courses that will prepare specialists who have the flexibility and global perspective to allow the handling of a wide range of practical problems. Many of our graduates are currently making major contributions in their fields